Brake Repair

Brake Repair Services In Oak Forest

The brake system on your vehicle is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, and you have to be able to depend on your brakes at a moment’s notice. From highway traffic to stop-and-go traffic, confidence in your brake system is essential. Because the brakes on your vehicle protect you and your passengers, regular maintenance and repairs of your brake system can’t be overlooked.

The brake system on a standard vehicle is made up of many intricate parts, including brake pads, cylinders, drums, and rotors. With every mile that you put on your vehicle, these parts take on wear, and they need to replaced or serviced at regular intervals. With routine brake system maintenance, you can prevent expensive or costly repairs. When scheduling brake system repairs or maintenance, it’s important that you go with a professional. At Milex Complete Auto Care in Oak Forest, we offer a performance check, where a certified mechanic inspects your brake system for repairs or maintenance that might be needed. Maintenance may include flushing and filling of the brake hydraulic system and brake pad replacement. Brake repairs may include replacement of hoses or rotors. As always, you can trust the experts at our Oak Forest location to give you an honest assessment of the work that needs done.


Signs Your Car's Brakes Need Servicing

You may be wondering how you can tell if your brakes are ready to be serviced. If you notice any of the following signs with your brake system, it might be time to have your brake system checked. Bring your car or truck to our Oak Forest location where our team of professionals can take a look.

  • Vehicle is pulling to one side while applying the brake.
  • Brake pedal vibrates when applying the brake.
  • Brake pedal feels "spongy."
  • Noise or squeaking when applying the brake.
  • Frequent need to add brake fluid to the master cylinder.

Our Road Ready Brake System Performance Check Includes:

  • Road Test vehicle for proper brake operation.
  • Inspect and measure rotors and drums.
  • A visual inspection of the following:
    • Hydraulic System for leaks and condition.
    • Remove all wheels and inspect brake linings.
    • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination.
    • Inspect master cylinder and cap.
    • Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders.
  • Give written estimate for needed repairs.

To learn more about our brake services, find your nearest Milex Complete Auto Care today.

FAQs About Brake Repair Services

At Milex Complete Auto Care, we are committed to educating our customers and providing them with the information they need to properly care for their vehicles. Here are a few questions we commonly get from our Oak Forest clients.

How can you prevent damage to your brake system?

Every part of the brake system will need to be serviced eventually. With regular use, the brake pads on vehicles can become thin, and as they wear away, they can damage the rotors or drums. When rotors or drums become damaged, they can warp or crack, causing complete brake failure. Replacing brake pads at regular intervals is a smart way to prevent expensive repairs and protect your vehicle.

When should you service your brake system?

If your brakes are not reacting as quickly as they used to, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a professional inspection at Milex. Don’t rely on an amateur when it comes to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Your owner’s manual should also provide a guideline for what mileage the brake system should be serviced. Another way to stay ahead of expensive repairs is to have your brake system inspected with every oil change.

How do you prevent brakes from wearing out quickly?

More than just maintenance, there are several key factors that come into play to make your brakes last longer. Driving habits, operating conditions, vehicle type and quality of brake lining material can all factor into the longevity of your brakes. For more information on protecting your brakes, contact your Oak Forest Milex Complete Auto Care.

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